Hello Friends,

This is The Official xKmph Blog. You may be thinking whats the use of it ?

Well, the purpose of this blog is to keep in touch with YOU all, i.e. our community members.

At times it gets difficult to reach out to you and say small thinks which is quite difficult to express our current system. We have therefore decided to maintain this blog to reach out to you all. We will will updating this almost daily basis to give you an insight of xKmph and its activities along with the latest NEWS of our favourite biking world.

Although most of the discussions will be done through our current system, we will in times discuss some topics here too. This blog is where we post all our news now. Thus bringing ourselves more closer.

You may also suscribe via an RSS feed and get up-to-date information about our community.

Comments are closed for most of the topics as they will be discussed in our main site. For thoseĀ  topics, comments are opened please use Give your xKMPH ID in the name field of Comments.


The xKmph Team


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