[Video] Live Free….. Tawang Ride in fast forward mode

Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man trying to Live Free….. Tawang Ride in fast forward mode

Motorcycling gives us immense opportunities to live life free.. also as a famous motorcyclist once quoted, “if feels great to Put on a helmet warped on a motorcycling gear and leaving free and not disturbing anyone”.

This short video of 3.30 mins is a compilation of short clips of my recent ride to Tawang, a town situated at an elevation of approximately 3,048 metres in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh of India, riding through the beautiful mountains and the Sela (Pass) at an altitude of 13700ft.

Due to heavy snow and rejecting of permit to travel to Bumla, I got enough opportunity to travel into the interiors of the picturesque Tawang valley.

The video showcases the life living on the rode, riding through good and bad roads, snow, slush, capturing life and the main Essene of freedom.

Hope you love it.


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