[EICMA 2015] Ducati Unveils the 2016 Ducati XDiavel cruiser

Among the seven new launches by Ducati in the EICMA 2015 show in Milan, the eye catcher was the 2016 Ducati XDiavel. By unveiling the XDiavel, Ducati brings together two worlds: the Cruiser world – low speeds, relaxed riding and long journeys – and the Ducati world, characterised by Italian style, refined engineering and unparalleled performance.


The XDiavel offers both the “low speed excitement” that comes from the relaxed riding and further-forward footpegs typical of a cruiser and the adrenaline rush of sports riding that Ducati has made its own. That’s what the X in XDiavel stands for: the merging of two apparently separate, distant worlds on one bike, a superb combination where both are accomplished without compromise.


The XDiavel is “low speed excitement”, where the relaxed low-speed riding is typical of the cruiser world, while the excitement and adrenalin of sports riding is unmistakeably Ducati. The X in XDiavel represents precisely that: Two apparently different, distant worlds that come together in one unique bike, a synthesis in which both are complete, without compromise.


Beautiful, powerful, sophisticated. The XDiavel is powered by a 1,262cc two-cylinder  Ducati Testastretta engine DVT 1262.  The increased displacement, combined with the use of the DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) system, allows for incredibly full, but also fluid, torque distribution even at low speeds, while ensuring sports performance at full throttle.

The fundamental dimensions of the bike (seat height, rake and wheelbase) underline the Cruiser character, ensuring the right balance and more sporty handling.


The XDiavel is the first Ducati to use final belt drive. The system has been developed for XDiavel in order to guarantee reliable and safe power transmission. The benefits of the belt are silence, cleanliness, less maintenance and a fluid response when the throttle is twisted, as suits a Cruiser.


The XDiavel enjoys cutting-edge electronics and technology, at the top of the Ducati range. Cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control, Riding Modes, Cruise Control, Hands Free, TFT Dashboard and electric locks with red back-lit keys. Design and technology also come together in the Full LED optical sets, a true example of style on the XDiavel. In addition, the S version is equipped as standard with a DRL (Daytime Running Light) system for the front light.


source: Ducati.com

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