xKmph is Back…..

Hello xKmphians,

We at xkmph are very excited to present the new xKmph User Interface. This step is the result of your love, your devotion, your passion for biking, your ideas, your discussions and your participation that has fueled the community to grow. As the xKmph team, we would like to thank you for your immense support and would expect more and more bikers to unite into our beloved culture and biking lifestyle. As a tribute to the bike lovers, we are proud to present you all with a host of new features and new sections and an entirely revamped layout of xKmph.com & the Official xKmph Blog. Hope this fresh new look of  our community invigorates a frenzy among all our brothers and we can see better motorcyclists on the road.

The xKmph Team worked very hard for the past six days to bring some changes into the internal structure of the xKmph.com, giving a more fresh look of the community part and also working towards giving more emphasis on the offline part which is the main motto of our community, which separates us from just being an online community. We are here to ride together and share our experiences and achievements with like minded people, rather than just giving dialogues. We have also given emphasis on the  Support part by making the section stand out in the community and help our fellow biker friends in case of any Help. The Technical section is looked by our Tech Expert Rohit Kumar. However we are working on a more dedicated Support System which will help you interact with Mr. Rohit easily.

We did miss you for the past six days but we were helpless as we had to recode major section of the community due to huge errors coming out in the back end and making the community quite shaky. We have also upgraded our servers to give more strong presence of xkmph.com and load faster.

xKmph.com is about to complete its 4th year of existence in March 16th 2011. We’ve seen our community grow in size and moreover have seen it grow in every Bikers’ heart. We’ve seen the pride and glory of biking being carried through fire, water & ice by our brave-heart bikers. We’ve discovered how beautiful our India is and have shared our passion across the map. After 4years of existence, xKmph now rules thousands of hearts and hopes to keep this saga of bike lovers rolling on. To say the least, this has all been possible because of you.

We have a long way to go and to be honest we have just started & are also unaware of many things, those are to go on with, therefore we would be obliged to receive mails in regard to improvements, varieties and the type of supplements I render.We will look forward for more support and feedback from you. Please feel free to share your feedback with us directly at admin@xkmph.com . Waiting for your response and positive feedback.

Hold on to the handle-bar, sit tight, twist the throttle and let your passion take you through the ride of a lifetime.  Ride Hard, Ride Safe.


Warm Regards,
xKmph Team


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