[Review / Road Test] 2010 YAMAHA YZF R15

Yamaha’s re-incarnation in the Indian market was a classic example of its dominance in the world market. In 2008, India had its first ever production sports bike in the form of the YZF R15. After two and a half years of existence it still boasts of the achievements and capabilities with its head held high. Yamaha carved out a track tool right out of its handbook and gave the bike all that is needed to make it into the real sports-bike segment, yet maintaining a balance of value and quality. In the two years of existence this little track scorcher has burnt lots of rubber on the streets and even made its mark on remarkable tours and adventures. Let us find out, what makes it the leader in its class.

Features :
•   Liquid-cooled Engine: Gives it the extra horses
•   EFI: Fuel Injection enhances its efficiency and emission standards
•   DiASiL Cylinder & Forged Piston: Lightweight, durable & dissipates heat well
•   DeltaboxTM Frame: Born from MotoGP, it takes handling to the next level


When seen collectively, the R15 gives you a feel that no other bike manufactured in India can currently give you. The racing dynamics are true to its heart and Yamaha have not shown any deviation from making it an ultimate sports machine in its class. Its undoubtedly a winner on the tracks, but we have also seen its robustness at different terrains and environments. Xkmph has applied & tested the R15 at almost all forms of touring and it has come out with a green signal every time. However, taking an R15 to rugged conditions needs some extra efforts from the biker as well, as it is not a bike that can be recommended for off-road touring.

Overall, the engine smoothness, excellent parts quality, reliability and advancements on the technological part make this a revolutionary bike in the Indian Market, and is sure to rule hearts for long, atleast till we have a bigger sibling!!

Pros:Great power-to-weight ratio
Pin-point cornering
Very refined engine performance
Vibrations are almost absent
Class leading braking performance
Liquid cooling enhances engine life

Cons: Seating posture is difficult for taller people
The bike being very light is somewhat weight-sensitive
Headlights aren’t very strong
Rear mud-guard is too plain





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