[Review / Road Test] 2010 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

The Hero Honda Karizma is perhaps one of the most desired bikes of India since its launch in 2003. Karizma once used to be a benchmark in performance biking in India. But as years passed by, the market seemed to grow up faster than Hero Honda, and the battleground needed a newer, better Karizma to enter the race. As a competition Karizma came out with this fully faired, fuel injected bike, which they called the ZMR. Let us see, does the new Karizma ZMR stand up to its brand name and how practical are the changes.

Features :
•   Advanced PGMFi, with 12-port fuel injection
•   Oil-Cooling fins, for engine oil cooling
•   iGRS (inverted gas reservoir suspension)
•   Full Digital console


The Karizma brand name has been an iconic representation of a premium sports tourer in India since 2003. Hero Honda gave its ZMR some features in the lights of fuel injection, iGRS shock absorbers, rear disc brakes; that are a boon to the avid travellers. But somehow in the competition, Hero Honda messed up with the bike’s ergonomics and came out with a not-so-agile sequel to the most successful sports tourer of India, the Karizma ZMA-R. It still retains the exact feel of its un-faired sibling and is any day a dream machine to ride, but maybe all the advancements with a more agile physique could have made this lion, a leopard.

If you are built heavily, and keen on a bike with lots of muscle & skin, Karizma ZMR is your bike; but if you are the rider who loves to take the unknown trail and love the Karizma for its touring capabilities, its better you stick to the cheaper alternative, the ZMA-R.

Pros: PGMFi, smoother engine and better throttle response
Very good torque distribution
Relaxed engine
Comfortable riding posture
Very effective shock absorbers for Indian roads
Good braking

Cons: Bulky and disproportionate built
Poor plastic and paint
Loss of power at high speeds
Handling isn’t impressive at corners



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