[Review / Road Test] 2010 Bajaj AVENGER 220 DTSi

This is one bike that has taken many births. From its first appearance in the market we have seen the Avenger being a cruiser model from the Bajaj stable fitted with the largest Pulsar engine available. After Bajaj stopped production of its 200cc Pulsar it was time for the avenger to get the larger workhouse from the “Fastest Indian”. The Avenger 220 enticed lots of anticipation towards the enthusiasts and all of us waited to see a powerful and more capable cruiser in the Indian motorcycle scene. Anticipations were rewarded nonetheless but let us see, does this machine “Feel like God??”

Features :
•   Low height broad saddle
•   DTSi engine with larger Oil Cooler
•   DC Ignition
•   Low Battery level Indicator
•   Dual foam density seat
•   Pillion Backrest

For the lovers of cruiser bike it’s more the attitude and body language that matters than the sassy look of the bike. The Avenger fulfils the conditions to make it an amazing looking cruiser. A low saddle height, a wide handlebar, front set foot-pegs that let you stretch your legs as if you are watching TV in your apartment, make this bike a perfect male bike. I’m sure no owner of Avenger would like to call it a beautiful lady; it’s more of a tamed bull. Just to add to its look, the Avenger 220 has been given a very generous chrome treatment around its muscles and that surely shines on a bright sunny day when you ride by your neighbour’s commuter bike.

The Avenger 220 (though not distinguished from the 200) is a bike in its own world. The posture and attitude that the Avenger offers is the USP of this product. The bike is meant for that budget conscious rider who wants to feel that cruiser bike thing. The overall comfort, riding posture and available power under the tap is adequate for even the serious tourers. The Avenger has a very low saddle height but surprisingly Bajaj has extended it’s minimum ground clearance to a very generous 169mm, hence making it a good bike for some off-road touring. But to feel like god, you better stick to the black smooth tarmac.

Pros: Good mid-range power
Low centre of gravity
Stability at high speeds
Wide seat with dual foam-density seat
Low Battery indicator
DC Ignition

Cons: Engine smoothness is less
Very stiff gear & clutch
Very poor Rear brake
Rear suspension is less effective



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