[Review / Road Test] Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Bajaj auto came up with the Pulsar in India, on 24thNovember, 2001. Since then the entire motorcycling scene in India took a revolutionary leap towards performance biking. After the Hero Honda CBZ, the Pulsar was only the second street bike in India built towards performance and style. All the enthusiasts were hugely attracted by this very muscular looking machine and Bajaj kicked off its high sales figures in style.

I can’t stop myself from saying this; but Bajaj Pulsar’s success strongly correlates with the success of the Bollywood movie Dhoom. Bajaj launched it’s DTS-I technology in 2003 and Dhoom was launched in 2004, and soon Bajaj followed up with another upgrade and gave India an entirely new orientation towards Sportier bikes. One of the key reason that gives the pulsar its brand image is the pricing that Bajaj has offered for this bike. The bike comes with good power and reliability at a very very competitive pricing.

Features :
•   Largest Venturi Carburettor
•   DTS-i technology for optimum combustion
•   Dual disc brakes
•   Tubeless tyres
•   Projector headlamps for better illumination
•   Clip-on handlebars
•   All black treatment

This bike is street-sports bike, what that clearly means is that it will be a everyday use bike which is performance oriented. The Pulsar 220 is truly performance oriented; the torque it offers is jaw dropping and will pump your adrenaline high any day. If the sheer pulling power of a bike is all that you care about, then this bike will always make you proud. Overlooking every other cons the Fastest Indian is truly the fastest and the most powerful street bike available.

At the price that Bajaj offers it, every performance seeker will eye for this beauty. But one the finishing note, the product quality needs a vast improvement to meet current standards in the market. With amazing projector headlamps, upright and high seating posture, well distributed torque and good high speed stability the Pulsar 220 can also make for a good tourer provided the rider is ready to fight those stiff backs.

Uniquely good looking
Powerful and torquey engine
Projector headlamps (first & only in India)
Comfortable seating posture

Low quality of parts
Rear brake is poor
Sluggish handling
6th Gear missing
Fairing vibrations



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