I Promise to RIDE GREEN…

I Promise to RIDE GREEN…


In this fast world its useless to say that opt for a slow and economical E-bike and to enthusiast bikers who love t travel world  on a set of two wheels the E-bikes are just useless, but we as a responsible human being need to understand that the deadly CO2 emitted by our powerful bikes is destroying our world and we need to do something which will be beneficial for both.

In this mission we bikers join our hands and do the needful.  SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH ….

Follow the following to reduce the pollution and at the same time gain mileage from your bike. The following is a small Guide to RIDE GREEN …

1. Planning : Planning your route in advance can help you reduce journey time and even the distance you travel, so saving fuel and CO2 emissions.

2. Drive at an appropriate speed : Ride at a steady speed within the Green Limit approximately 45 KMPH, this will help you save upto 15% fuel and emit less CO2. Also Driving above the speed limit is illegal. :)

3. Speed up and slow down smoothly

4. Change gears at low Revs.

5. Avoid leaving your engine running : It is a general tendency to keep our engine running while we are waiting in the traffic or while talking to our friends who we meet on road. Simply turn off the engine.

6. Service your bike regularly

7. Check your tyre pressure

8. Fuel saving Gadgets : There are various gadgets available in India which can be fitted in the bike to gain mileage. take advantage of them.

9. Use Premium Oil : Although premium oils dont save money as they are costly but are better than the Unleaded petrol.

10. Don’t Revv too much : Many bikers while riding just revvs up their bike like they are racing, just to attract attention. Avoid this as it takes away 6 % more fuel and increases CO2 emission.

So Bikers lets join our hands and PROMISE TO RIDE GREEN …


Note: Please use the comment system below WITH “I PROMISE TO RIDE GREEN…” FOLLOWED BY YOUR IDEAS. Our Moderators will check the entry and approve them.  Send this link to all your friends.




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