Bajaj Auto Ltd. gets patent for its EshausTEC technology

Two-wheeler maker Bajaj today said it has received a patent for a new technology, which has been a bone of  contention with rival TVS Motor Co.

“The Indian Patent Office granted Bajaj Auto a patent for its ‘ExhausTEC’ invention vide Patent No 231498 dated March 5, 2009. This grant was published in Patent Gazette, dated March 27, 2009,” Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) Vice-President (Business Development) S Ravikumar said in a statement.

Bajaj Auto claimed that ExhausTEC significantly improves low- and mid-range torque (tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis) in a single cylinder four stroke engine, employing a chamber of predetermined volume attached to the exhaust pipe.

“Bajaj has employed this innovation on its motorcycles since August 2004 in various models,” Ravikumar said.

Earlier, BAL had applied for patent of this technology in 2004. Later, TVS unveiled a series of new products, which Bajaj alleged of patent infringement of its ExhausTEC technology and served notice to the Chennai-based firm in December, 2007.



source : economic times

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